Major Turn A”head”!

25 05 2016

SPOILER ALERT: Major ironic turn a”head”!


A Few Surprising Turns

23 05 2016

Check out Ira Sadoff’s “A Few Surprising Turns”–if you read this blog, you just might like to read this poem…!

The Surprising Turn Is the First Bullet Point under “Astonishment”

13 05 2016

Check it out here–!

High Voltage Poetry: On the Poetic Turn

13 05 2016

As part of the programming for the inauguration of Illinois Wesleyan University’s nineteenth president, Eric Jensen, on Friday, April 1, some colleagues and I participated in a series of lightning talks highlighting some of the artistic and scholarly projects taking place at IWU. Along with poet Dan Smart (among other things, the author of the great poetry blog “Rhythm Is the Instrument”) and student respondents Kristina Dehlin and Jake Morris, I was a part of the presentation “High Voltage Poetry: On the Poetic Turn.” Check it out for a succinct introduction to the turn, for Dan’s terrific reflections on ways in which the turn has informed his own work, and for Kristina’s and Jake’s very smart reflections and questions–


The High Voltage Poetry Team: Dan Smart, Jake Morris, Kristina Dehlin, and Mike Theune


Peter Meinke’s “The Poet, Trying to Surprise God”

15 10 2013

…is pretty freakin’ good. ┬áCheck it out here.


13 10 2013


Here is the fortune that is the foreword to pretty much every poem that I love…

I’d simply add, though, that that surprise also could be uproarious, unnerving, devastating, apocalyptic…


24 09 2013



“On Last Lines,” by Suzanne Buffam.